New Help of “Italian corporation“ to BH Farmers

Rugerro Corrias“Italian corporation“ continues to help Bosnians and Herzegovinians who are ready to “roll up their sleeves“, so we are bringing a concrete help to local farmers in Bratunac – said the Ambassador of Italy in BiH, Ruggero Corrias on the occasion of today’s visit to Bratunac where “Italian corporation“ donated 10 irrigation systems to farmers from this municipality.

Corrias explained that the new program of support to farmers in BiH will soon be launched and that it will be combined with activitites planned for small and medium sized agricultural enterprises that were affected by last year’s floods.

He met wit the Chief of the Municipality Bratunac, Nedeljko Mladjenovic, as well as with representatives of the Association of farmers and reminded on the constant support from the Government of Italy to this region since the end of the war.

The donation of agricultural equipment is a part of activities of the support to BH farmers and institutions responsible for this sector, at the entity and municipality levels, that are planned with the project “Pilot action for the integral rural development and revitalization of the teitory of BiH“ that is financed by the General direction for the cooperation f the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy.

Project, whose total worth exceeds 320.000 euros entered the second phase and plans activities in the entire BiH. For 2015, the continuation of program with new funding was planned, as announced from the Embassy of Italy in BiH.


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