New High Representative Schmidt sends Powerful Messages to Politicians and People in BiH

The new High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt expressed satisfaction that he has the opportunity to serve the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, stating that he will work intensively for a peaceful future, which means understanding among all peoples, respecting the identities of everyone, as well as reliable legal basis for respect of human and international rights.

“First of all, I come as a friend of the people of BiH and I think it is necessary to talk not only with officials but with all those who have sent letters to former High Representative Valentin Inzko all these years and expressed their opinions. I take over this duty firmly determined to help the people here – people who work hard every day to feed their families and who want a peaceful future for their children and to build a life with others and for others,” Schmidt said.

He reminds that the position of High Representative in BiH was created under the Dayton Peace Agreement to ensure that Bosnia and Herzegovina evolves into a peaceful and viable democracy on course for integration in Euro-Atlantic institutions, Fena news agency writes.

“Doing that job is something that must be done with deep respect for those who lost their lives in the war and for those who started working on a better future for the European country of BiH. It is not easy to reach an agreement on some issues when it comes to a common future and that is why I am here and that is why I am taking this position to pursue peace on behalf of the international community but also to help the citizens of this country, the constituent peoples and others to achieve a balanced situation and peace,” Schmidt emphasized.

He says he respects everything Inzko has done in the last 12 years for the international community and BiH citizens, thanking him for using his mandate last week to make a decision on banning genocide denial.

“I do not want to promise anything impossible in the time ahead, but I assure you that I will use all my strength, influence, connections and my political experience to ensure that this country, children, women and men have a good future and that their hopes for a better life are fulfilled because people here deserve it – a life of peace, security and the necessary economic progress,” said Schmidt.

He is of the opinion that BiH must return to the political agenda of the international community and the European Union.

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