New Investments in Srebrenik

SrebrenikA new confirmation that municipality Srebrenik is one of the most desirable in BiH for investments was provided by Bushnak Adila, President of the Corporation “Bushnak” from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

On 22 may in BBI Center in Saraejvo, the Mayor of Srebrenik Sanel Buljubašić held a working meeting with Bushnak, where he presented the project “Akumulacija Bistrička rijeka sa mini hidroelektranom” (Accumulation of Bistrik River with Mini Power Plant), for which this corporation showed interest and readiness to participation in its implementation.

If this project were to be realized, there would be a long-term solution to the problem of drinking water supply for residents of this municipality, and the production and sale of electricity would accelerate the recovery investment, which would amount to around 7-8 million KM.

According to the municipality, it was agreed to carry out the necessary steps and hydrogeological research as soon as possible, to do a feasibility study and detailed design, and to begin the realization and construction of facilities with the installation of the necessary equipment.

The family Bushnak (Bošnjak), whose ancestors left the area of Bugojno over one hundred years ago, privately owns the Saudi Corporation “Bushnak”. This company is a word leader in the process of desalination of seawater and all sorts of treatments of water. The President of the Corporation Adil Bushanak is a friend of BIH and he shows it everyday with his engagement and activities, in BiH and throughout the world.

“During an earlier visit to BiH I visitied individual factories and spoke with owners. We decided to help them to export their products to Saudi Arabia and other countries throughout the world. I support the work of Sarajevo Busines Forum, because year after year there are more quality projects, which would hopefully attract the appropriate investors. This project, which Mayor of Srebrenik Sanel Buljubašić spoke to me about, is of mutual interest and I hope for a successful realization of it’’, said Bushnak at the end of the meeting.


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