U.S. Congress gave award to Semir Osmanagić

semir_osmanagicMember of the US Congress Sheila Lee Jackson gave an award to Semir Osmanagić for this selfless work and support to cultural and economic independence of immigrants in the USA, reports indicator.ba

Lee Jackson is a Democratic Party member and she represents district 18 of Texas in the House of Representatives in Washington, and during the ceremony she emphasized Osmanagić’s  relentless effort to build local community in Houston and to help immigrants.

On the same evening ‘Alliance for Multicultural Social Services’ gave Osmanagić silver plate noting his hard work to help refugees, immigrants and low-income people.

Osmanagić worked ten years as a volunteer of the Alliance and became naturalised American in late 90ies and during 1992-2006 as a manager of several companies he created jobs for 150 BiH citizens who didn’t speak BCS.

He also assisted in finding jobs to number of immigrants from Asia, Africa and Latin America, and the Alliance noted Osmanagić’s role in discovering first European pyramids and thus promoting tourist capacities of BiH.

After the ceremony in Houston, he had a one-hour interview in Las Vegas and in Mexican city Ciudad Hidalgo he held a lecture on Bosnian pyramids.

He’s returning to BiH on 1 June and on that day, he’ll be host to numerous tourists from Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Germany in Visoko, and on 2 June he’ll greet volunteers of the First International working Action (MRAV) which will be done in the locality of Bosnian pyramids.

(photo: semirosmanagic.com)

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