New pages of the B&H Tennis History Written in Italy

14100493920tenisFor the first time in the history of B&H tennis, Bosnia and Herzegovina has three representatives at the Final Master of the eight best European juniors.

The representatives of B&H in three age categories of the eight best juniors of Europe (Reggio Calabria, Italy) are: Sanin Zukić in the category up to 16 years, Nefisa Berberović (up to 16 years) and Adela Joldić (up to 14 years).

This is certainly a great success for the B&H tennis and the Tennis federation of B&H, working in very hard conditions with lots of debts from the past years. Bosnia and Herzegovina, with three competitors, is on the second place when it comes to the number of participants at the Final Masters 2014, right behind the competitors from the Russian Federation.

The tennis federation of B&H made big efforts for these young tennis players to go to this competition and represent B&H. The members of the tennis federation pointed out that they are very proud of the results and of these young tennis players who entered this competition. They wished them success hoping that they will represent our country in the most beautiful way.

(Source: Sport Centar)

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