New permanent Museum Exhibition in the Tunnel of Hope (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]In the Memorial complex Tunnel D-B, an extended museum exhibition as well as brochures for blind and visually impaired visitors were presented yesterday.

Curator of the Memorial complex Tunnel D-B Dina Memić presented projects which have been implemented in 2015 and early 2016, and in accordance with all tasks of the complex is also scientific-research work which resulted in expansion of holdings of this institution.

Memić said that the increase in number of objects, archive documentation, photo and video materials was a reason for expansion and change in permanent museum exhibition.

Furthermore, Memić highlighted that the exhibition was envisaged as a concept arranged in thematic wholes, following chronologically the story since the siege of Sarajevo, through life, culture of survival under the siege, then using the runway of the Sarajevo airport as the only way in and out of the besieged Sarajevo in the first year of aggression on B&H, then the exchange of idea on the construction of the tunnel, construction and digging of the tunnel, until its everyday functioning.

In accordance with the new museum exhibition, Memorial Fund and Memorial Complex Tunnel D-B in cooperation with the company “Bosnaton” went a step back in providing services to its visitors, following world museum trends. Namely, an app was developed – audio-guide in English, Bosnian and Turkish language, which can be downloaded by every visitor after arriving to the location.

As Memić explained, advantages of this audio-guide are exceptional. First of all, it contains detailed information about basic, educational role of the Memorial complex. Furthermore, every visitor can chose which unit to listen, whether he/she wants to repeat it or skip it, and it was also developed as an app supported by all main operating systems such as android and other computer platforms.

Moreover, Memić pointed out that the staff of the museum is committed to adapting the museum to persons with disabilities, thus the entire Memorial complex is largely adapted to such persons. For this reason, a guide in braille letter for blind and visually impaired persons was also presented.


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