New Project of BIHAMK: Drivers to get Rescue Sheet that can save their Lives

BH auto-moto service (BIHAMK) decided to create a project called “Rescue sheet for car and driver”.

“In order to give complete information to rescue teams, we created a rescue sheet for driver and car, where on one side is standardized A4 rescue sheet created by manufacturer of the car (car manufacturers bear no responsibility for additional changes on the car such as installation of gas, additional seats, etc), while on the other side are essential medical information about the driver (name and surname, birth date, blood type, allergies, etc.),” as announced by BIHAMK.

In case that one car is used by multiple persons (i.e. husband and wife) it is possible to possess multiple rescue sheets for drivers.

The main aim of this project is to help emergency rescue services during interventions of releasing and taking care of injured persons in traffic accidents.

Web application rescue sheet for a car was also created within the mentioned project, which contains most of the car brands and models that can be found on the European market, while the database of rescue sheets for drivers will be created during the process of realization of this project.

Every driver will be able to get rescue sheet in BIHAMK offices for free, which they will fill by themselves, and they will get rescue sheet for their cars as well. Moreover, special stickers will be given to every car, and they will serve as an indicator that rescue sheet exists in the car.

(Source: akta.ba)

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