New series of video-clips related to the EU

New series of video-clips which explain the key facts on the EU will be aired in BiH until 30 June.

Series ‘This is the Union’ will be shown in the program of three BiH public broadcasters.

Public Broadcaster System, Office of the EU Special Representative to BiH and MITA Group have produced this series.

Clips can also be watched at YouTubeu:

Commenting this initiative, Chief of the EU Delegation in BiH and EU Special Representative to BiH Peter Sorensen said that it is important that citizens of BiH have the access to key facts of European integrations.

‘Above all, the EU deals with people. All reforms and all actions of the EU, regardless how distant they may seem, are designed to improve the life of citizens. Viewers should know what reforms are needed and what are the benefits for citizens from those reforms’, said Sorensen.

BHRT, FTV and RTRS have joined with the Office of the EU Special Representative in producing 25 episodes which last 30 seconds each, and are divided into 5 series.

First series, which started with airing, is tackling the history of the EU, and second will tackle the relation of BiH and the EU.

Last three series will answer the questions related to the EU institutions, EU policies in different areas and necessary reforms.

Each public broadcaster will show the clip in accordance with its program schedule, but all of them will be broadcast before the main information program.


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