Trilateral meeting of BiH, Serbia and Turkey to be held in Ankara

Ambassador of Serbia in BiH Ninoslav Stojadinovć said that as a part of diplomatic relations of Serbia and BiH, trilateral meeting of BIH, Serbia and Turkey will be held in Ankara, while before that there should be a meeting of BiH Presidency with president of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić.

At the reception in the Embassy of Serbia on the occasion Serbia Statehood Day, Stojadinović noted that the relations of two countries are improving and that this year they should improve even further.

”It is certain that in 2012, there was a dramatic improvement of overall relations and economic relations have always improved, unlike the political, which have improved significantly in 2012, which is shown in mutual visits of high officials”, said Stojadinović to journalists.

He noted that this year started with the visit of Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dačić to multilateral conference in Sarajevo and even more important was the visit of Chairman of BIH Council of Ministers Vjekoslav Bevanda to Belgrade.

Reception on the occasion of Serbia Statehood Day was attended by many important people from the political and public life of BiH.

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