New Year, new Price Increases in Bosnia and Herzegovina?


The Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has announced what will be the cost of excise duties on cigarettes and cut tobacco in 2020.

‘’The Decision on Specific and Minimum Excise Duty on Cigarettes and the Amount of Excise Duty on Smoking Tobacco for 2020, recently adopted by the ITA Steering Committee, defines that from January 1st, 2020, the following duties will be paid for cigarettes and smoking tobacco:

(a) a proportional excise duty at the rate of 42% of the retail cigarettes price

(b) a specific excise duty of 82.50 BAM for 1.000 pieces, or 1.65 BAM for a package of 20 pieces

If the total excise duty on cigarettes (proportional + specific), calculated at the above mentioned rates is less than the minimum excise duty, then the minimum excise duty is paid, which in 2020 amounts to 3.04 BAM per pack of 20 cigarettes (in 2019, the minimum excise duty was 2.86 BAM).

The excise duty on smoking tobacco in 2020 is determined to be 80% of the minimum excise duty on cigarettes in 2020, and amounts to 121.60 BAM per kilogram (in 2019 it amounts to 114.40  BAM per kilogram of tobacco),’’ it is said in a statement from ITA BiH.

By November 30th, 2019, all manufacturers and large distributors of cigarettes involved in the cigarettes and tobacco distribution in BiH are required to submit new estimates of the retail prices of cigarettes and smoking tobacco, effective from January 1st, 2020. Then it will be known, whether and in which amount there will be an increase in cigarettes and smoking tobacco prices in BiH in the next year, portal reports.

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