New Year Presents for Children from socially endangered Families

presents-ruku-na-srceHumanitarian organization of students “Ruku na srce” yesterday gave 1.600 gift packages to children from socially endangered families at an event in the Bosnian Culture Center in Sarajevo, within the project “No Child without a Present”.

In addition to the distribution of presents, the children could also see the New Year play “Gricka, Bucko and Micka in quest for the Moon”, prepared by the volunteers of the Association. Children also had the opportunity to participate in creative workshops and spend some time with the Santa Claus. Around one hundred young people, mostly students, have been working on this project for the past four months.

Emphasizing the fact that the project has been implemented for sixth consecutive year, President of the Humanitarian organization “Ruku na srce” Enisa Tiro said that the project grows year after year.

“First year we prepared 260 gift boxes for the youngest ones, two years ago the number was 850, and already this year we made 1.600 presents. This is the result of the great effort and hard work of all volunteers that make me very proud. They selflessly dedicate their free time to do something good for others. We owe special thanks to all companies, organizations, and fellow citizens who helped us implement this project,” said Tiro.

“It means a lot to us that someone thinks about our children and invests so much effort to make them feel special and loved at least in this festive time. Thanks a lot and I hope that in the coming years they will continue working on this project,” said one of the parents.

(Source: klix.ba)

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