No Changes in the Price of Fuel in FB&H n the upcoming Days

fuelAccording to the Federal Ministry of Trade, there will be no changes in the price of fuel at petrol stations in FB&H in the upcoming days.

The price of crude oil on the world market is at its lowest price and it amounts to about 37 USD per barrel.

Prices are falling in most of the European countries as well. Thus, for example in France, the price of fuel fell below a 1 EUR per liter, which is the first time for this to happen since 2009.

The Federal Ministry of Trade confirmed that they did not receive any requests for the correction of fuel prices.

“Gas stations are required to submit applications for price adjustment 3 days earlier, so we can say that there will be no price changes for the New Year holidays. Of course, there is a possibility for something to change during the day, but at the moment, there are no requests”, as announced from the Ministry.

In FB&H, the current price of diesel is about 1, 70 BAM, while the price of gasoline is about 1.80 BAM.

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