Nordic model for improving cooperation

Yesterday, in organization of Commission for Foreign Affairs of BiH House of Representatives and Igman Initiative, a consultative meeting on possibilities of applying the Nordic model of improving the parliamentary cooperation among BiH, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia, was held.

At the meeting, among others, chairman of the Commission for Foreign Affairs of BiH HoR Mirza Kušljugić and Chairman of HoR BiH Božo Ljubić addressed those present.

Representatives of competent bodies of four countries, experts of Igman Initiative, as well as representatives of accredited embassies in BiH attended the meeting.

They talked about the fields which the permanent parliamentary cooperation could be established if the Nordic Model is applied.

Stances and suggestions of the participants should help the members of the expert team of Igman Initiative to form the suggestion of inter parliamentary cooperation and cooperation of parliamentary commissions for foreign affairs.

Representatives of Nordic council expressed their readiness to support the efforts to analyze ways in which Nordic model experience could strengthen and improve the cooperation of the region.

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