He does not trust to his Own Wife: Trump peeked in Melania’s Ballot?

trumpAn exciting race for the future president is taking place in the United States. The whole world is waiting for the historic decision. Donald Trump is also impatiently waiting and his reaction made people at the polling station laugh.

Many might think that Trump does not believe that his own wife is going to vote for him because, during the voting, he was peeking in Melania’s ballot.

The footage from the polling station has already become a trend on Twitter, and Twitter users are making up different messages to go with it.

“When you know the right answer, but you are just checking friends test to be sure”, “Halo police, I’d like to report an illegal election observer”, “Damn, she really voted for McMullin,” are just some of the humorous comments of Twitter users.

However, the main conclusion is: “Photo says it all.”

(Source: klix.ba)

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