November in Mostar with Fireworks of Colors and bright Sky

Autumn is not the ideal time of the year for Mostar, in comparison to spring and summer when the streets are full and the nights are hot. The autumn is quiet and peaceful, the city is colored in a different color palette and a golden glow is given to everything.

Autumn comes in Mostar at the same time as elsewhere, but it actually comes late for at least one month. The leaves become yellow a bit later, they also start falling later, as if they want to give the summer another month. This year, besides a couple of rainy days, a clear sky and a pleasant weather dominated in Mostar.

It is 12 °C today, but temperatures in Mostar are expected to reach 17 °C in the upcoming days. However, there are fewer tourist tours, there are no ordinary crowds in the Old Town, and only a few visitors go down the Neretva River to find the right angle for another selfie.

Seagulls are flying above the Old Bridge, and everyone is looking for another sunny day before the rain and the clouds. No one is even thinking about cold winds and cold weather.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)

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