Nuhanovic: UN requested from Serbia to prevent the Genocide in BiH with Resolution from 1993

nuhanovic hasanWriter and publicist Hasan Nuhanovic, a witness of the genocide committed in Srebrenica in 1995, on the session of the Association of Independent Intellectuals “Circle 99 ” said that a third party should be held responsible for the genocide who, according to him, is the international community.

“Third party of the genocide is the international community, the United Nations. In this case, on the field was the Dutch battalion, 22,000 soldiers of UN troops were deployed in our country,” said Nuhanovic.

He said that all UN member states are obliged to act according to the Convention on the Prevention of Genocide, and not only states in the region.

“I was in Potocari when people were sent to death in the presence of the UN. There were three flags: Serbian, the flag of the UN and Kingdom of the Netherlands. These flags were displayed while killing and mass executions lasted. They were not lowered until the Dutch battalion or UNPROFOR left Srebrenica,” said Nuhanovic.

Regarding the revision process of BiH against Serbia he said that it is not known that the Security Council of the UN adopted Resolution 819 on the 16th of April 1993 in which, in the first paragraph, the Council requests from Serbia to do everything in its power to prevent genocide.

“We are talking about the 16th of April 1993, and massacre took place two years later, in July 1995. This is what no one is talking about,” said Nuhanovic.

Most topical political topic in BiH these days is the question of revision of the judgment of the International Court in The Hague. By mid next week should be known whether our country will revise legal proceedings against Serbia and seek accountability for genocide and aggression on BiH.

Serbian political representatives announced the political crisis and stop all processes in case of revision. Thus, a move of Bosniak member of the Presidency of BiH Bakir Izetbegovic is anxiously waited, who, after consultation with experts in various fields, will make a decision on the revision of the lawsuit.

(Source: S. H./klix.ba)

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