The Number of Migrants in BiH increased, the Capacities are not filled yet

The Chairman of the Joint Commission for Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, Borislav Bojic, stated that the number of migrants who are entering the territory of BiH is increased, but that the capacities in the centers are still not filled.

“The Collegium of the Joint Commission of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH had an opportunity to discuss this issue. Therefore, there is an increase in the number of those who are coming to BiH. A new route through Albania, Montenegro and the lower part of Herzegovina seems to appear. Also, the number of those migrants who are coming to BiH was increased by 25 %,” stated Bojic.

He also added that capacities in BiH are not filled when it comes to receiving migrants.

“Capacities in BiH are not filled, we have enough of them. We will request additional reports when it comes to human rights and the general state of migrations. The Joint Commission on Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH will definitely be more present in the Service for Foreigners and Border Police of BiH. There is a lack of staff there, and around 200 people is needed in the Border Police of BiH, as well as in the Service for Foreigners of BiH,” noted Bojic.

In case that these trends, regarding the number of migrants in BiH, are continued, he believes that they will spend all available funds by the month of May.

Ombudsman for Human Rights of BiH, Jasminka Dzumhur, believes that BiH is just a transit country when it comes to migrants, who are increasingly present in BiH these days.

“BiH is not a destination country, but a transit country. They do not want to ask for the protection in the territory of BiH by submitting an asylum application. Therefore, they put themselves into a situation when they are returned from the territory of one country to another country. If they would ask for an asylum, there is a procedure for that,” said Dzumhur.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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