Nuncio Pezzuto Pleasantly Surprised With The Post-War Reconstruction of BiH

I was pleasantly surprised by the reconstruction of this country. Even if less than 20 years have passed since the end of the war, the efforts of the BiH government is visible. They have invested in the reconstruction of the country and rebuilt it, said Archbishop Luigi Pezzuto, the Apostolic Nuncio in BiH and Montenegro.

He added that his first contacts after taking office left a positive impression on him. He emphasized the meetings with BiH authorities, especially his meeting with Chairman of the BiH Presidency Nebojša Radmanović, who handed over the credentials.

Given that there is a basic agreement between BiH and the Holy See, Pezzuto noticed the visible good mood in concrete changes and the implementation of the agreement, which should not only remain a theory.

“We need to look specifically in what way, in what areas and what topics to approach in changes and implementation. The state and church authorities expressed the desire to implement the agreement, and the first step is to establish a mixed commission on both levels and to continue with the realization of the agreement’’, said the Apostolic Nuncio Pezzuto in an interview for FENA.

As a third positive sign, which is probably the most important one for him is the reaction of people. When he arrived to Sarajevo airport on 10 February, he met not only Cardinal Vinko Puljić and the President of the Bishops’ Conference Franjo Komarica, but many other priests, nuns, people, children, and “the presence of families and children and their welcoming expressions is a sign of mentality and goodwill of these people’’.

Given that his presence in BiH is the role of mediator between BiH and the Holy See, he was asked whether he could expect better cooperation and what his most important engagement will be. Apostolic Nuncio Pezzuto said that it is the application of the Basic Agreement.

‘’In that agreement there are chapters, such as the law on religious holidays, pedagogical and religious education, and the other is that we will first determine the priorities with representatives of the local church and with state government structures that are the foundation of BiH society”, he said.

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