“Odrazi”: Exhibition of Ferdi Selman in Banja Luka

mersadOn Wednesday, the 16th of December at 7 a.m. an exhibition by artist Ferdi Selman called “Odrazi (Reflections)” will be held in the Banski Dvor in Banja Luka.

Ferdi Selman is academic painter from Bihac, who graduated from the department of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Banja Luka.

His exhibition that will be presented is entitled as “Odrazi (Reflections)”, a main inspiration for artist are sea, people and figures.

“Blue color is dominating on my paintings, the color of sky and the sea, and it is often associated with depth and stability. It is symbolizing trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and the truth,” said Ferdi Selman and thanked to Slobodan Vidovic, Custodian of Banski Dvor, who gave him great advices.

His brother, Mersud Selman, who is also a painter, will present his works at the exhibition.


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