Old Photographs Speak About Bosnia

[wzslider]You have probably been in a situation where you have looked at old photographs, and find one that evokes a memory in you and a story begins. Often in these pictures are people who are dear but no longer with us, but also streets and cities that carry with them certain emotions for us. Today when we look at them, a lot has changed, either destroyed or built. Searching for old pictures, we came across the Facebook page ‘Old Postcards of Bosnia-Herzegovina’.

The founder of this Facebook1330 page is Denijal Dergić, and four other people work on managing the page. Denijal currently lives in Bergen, Norway. They all wish to show a part of the past of B&H with this page in a simple way. They find postcards every day on the Internet and in books, and post them on the Facebook page.

Denijal still writes and posts photographs on the blog http://starerazglednice.blogger.ba/, which we recommend to all those who love old postcards.

Today we are offering a gallery of some of the photographs, while the rest of the photographs can be found on the Facebook site ‘Old Postcards of Bosnia-Herzegovina’.


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