Globally-Known Hotel Chain ‘Marriot’ Will Arrive in Sarajevo

marriott_sarajevo_2_081113_tw1024Construction on the location of Čobanija in the center of the city began two to three months ago, and it is expected that the hotel will be completed in September next year.

An agreement was signed in Sarajevo last Thursday between ‘Marriot’, SEIC (companies for investment in South East Europe) and Interstate on the construction of the hotel Residence Inn by Marriot in Sarajevo.

Director of Development of Marriot International for Europe Carlton C. Ervin signed the agreement on behalf of Marriot, and Director of SEIC Enes Kazazić signed on behalf of the investors. A separate agreement was signed between SEIC, Marriot international and Interstate Hotels & Resorts companies on hotel management.

In Sarajevo next September, when the work is expected to be completed, the city will be made richer with one more exclusive hotel, and the investor is well-known US hotel chain ‘Marriot’, which has around 900 luxury hotels in 37 countries throughout the world.

US investors are interested in the construction of a hotel on this location, in the very center of the capital city of B&H, and this is a multi-million dollar investment.

Director of SEIC Enes Kazazić expressed his satisfaction with the signed agreement, because he said that they signed an agreement with the biggest world corporation.

He added that this is a brand that is intended for people who plan to stay in Sarajevo for a longer period, which is something that is lacking in Sarajevo.

On behalf of Interstate Hotels and Resorts Development for Europe Aaron Greenman, he said that there are two reasons why ‘Marriot’ has arrived on the B&H market.

“What we are looking for are two things, and those are project and partnership. The project in Sarajevo is fantastic because it is a macro and micro location, and partners with whom we cooperate here are very good. What was very important for us was that there are no branded hotels in Sarajevo. ‘Marriot’ will actually be the first branded hotel that will arrive on this market’’, said Greenman.

(Source: Novo Vrijeme)

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