One Child Coronavirus Positive in Bosnia and Herzegovina


In the area of Bosnia Podrinje Canton (BPC), another case of coronavirus has been confirmed, and it is a child, is confirmed to Fena news agency by Director of the Institute of Public Health of BPC Gorazde, Dr. Medina Bico.

“This is a close relative of a previously positive person who has been retested and is now negative, her or her household has been tested, and now the child is positive. She has no symptoms, she feels good, but the result of the test is positive and the whole family is in isolation from earlier, ”Bico explained.

She stressed that the remaining 78 people tested on Tuesday for coronavirus were negative, including 27 employees at the Cantonal Hospital Gorazde.

“Today, we have carried out 56 more tests, of which 26 are employed at the Cantonal Hospital Gorazde, 21 were tested through a mobile team in the field, while nine were sampled in clinic in Visegradska Street,” Dr Bico said.

In the BPC area, 11 people were infected with coronavirus and two were cured.

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