One Migrant died from Injuries sustained in a Fight in Sarajevo

A migrant died from injuries sustained in a fight in Vogosca yesterday evening. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sarajevo Canton said that there was a fight between migrants in the parking lot last night.

As they stated, an Afro-Asian man was injured with a sharp object.

“He was given help and he was transported to the Emergency Medicine Clinic, but he died during the night,” police said.

One migrant was killed and one was seriously injured in the conflict that broke out in Zegarsko Polje near Bihac on June 7th, it was confirmed to Srna news agency in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) of the Una-Sana Canton. The Ministry of the Interior says that they cannot give more information about last night’s conflict, because an investigation is underway. 

According to the information that appeared on social networks, the body of the migrant was brought and left in front of one of the houses at around 2.00 o’clock in the morning, while the other was brought in, seriously injured, and was transported to the hospital. 

It is suspected that it was a murder that happened in the conflict of migrants, and it was allegedly the use of firearms and knives.

Arrivals During March, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) authorities recorded 1,019 migrants and asylumseekers arriving irregularly to the country, including 17 unaccompanied and separated children (UASC). The majority declared to be from Afghanistan (41%) and Pakistan (35%). 926 persons (91% of new arrivals) expressed the intention to seek asylum. This brings the total number of arrivals to 71,875 since January 2018. Furthermore, in March, ten asylum claims were registered by the Minister of Security (MoS) Sector for Asylum. A total of 36 asylum claims have been registered in 2021, which is less than half the number registered during the same period in 2020 (78).

Presence in BiH at the end of the month 5,717 asylum-seekers and migrants were accommodated in reception facilities at the end of March, while around 2,000 persons are estimated to be squatting outside of formal accommodation, mostly in Una-Sana Canton (USC).
Among those in reception facilities, 74% are single adult males, 20% are families with children, and about 6% are UASC.

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