Open Letter by Ivo Komšić to the International Community in B&H and to the World

Ivo_Kom?i?_slikaThe mayor of Sarajevo, professor doctor Ivo Komšić addressed an open letter to the diplomatic corps in B&H in order for its members to communicate to their governments the need to act efficiently so armed conflicts in Gaza where innocent civilians and notably children are being killed and wounded could stop.

Mayor Komšić also addressed the letter to the IAPMC (International Association of Peace Messenger Cities) asking for them to communicate through the United Nations with the Governments of Palestine and Israel in order to prevent and stop any further conflict and to start renewing the diplomatic negotiations on a permanent solution of this crisis.

He pointed out the holiness of a human life, especially children’s, and said that the United Nations should take responsibility in this matter and should decidedly start to restore ceasefire in order to prevent any further bloodshed in the Gaza area.

“We are strongly convinced that the world is taking a big test once again, and that solving this matter efficiently directly affects  the global peace issue as well.” – pointed out Komšić.

The mayor also said that Sarajevo, a city which went through a 4 year Golgota, strongly condemns  violence as a method of solving political matters and therefore appeals for dialogue and compromise.

The town of Sarajevo and its famous spirit of tolerance and coexistence wants to send a message of peace to the cities at the Middle East so they could follow its example and be a symbol of fighting to live instead of dying as well as a symbol of tolerance, peaceful coexistence and democracy.



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