Orange Warning issued for Parts of Bosnia due to expected Intense Rainfall

The Federal Hydrometeorological Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued an orange warning for tomorrow due to the expected intense precipitation. The area for which the warning is issued is Herzegovina and southwestern Bosnia.

The expected amount of precipitation in Herzegovina and southwestern Bosnia is between 30 and 60, locally up to 80 l / m2.

Meteorologists are announcing mostly cloudy weather with rain in most parts of BiH for tomorrow. Heavier precipitation is expected in Herzegovina, as well as in the west and southwest of Bosnia. In the east and northeast of Bosnia, no precipitation is expected.

A strong wind will blow from the south. Morning air temperature between 4 and 9, and highest daily between 10 and 16 degrees. Mostly cloudy weather is expected in BiH on Thursday. In the morning, mostly rain. A gradual drop in air temperature will cause rain to turn into sleet and snow, except in the south of BiH. From the middle of the day towards the evening, a gradual cessation of precipitation is expected. A moderate wind will blow.

In the morning, the wind gradually changes direction from south to north. The air temperature in the morning is between 5 and 11 degrees and will gradually drop. On Friday, the weather will be moderately to mostly cloudy in Bosnia, and mostly clear in Herzegovina. Wind weak to moderate, northerly direction.

Morning air temperature between -10 and -5, in the extreme south of the country to 0, and the highest daily between -5 and -1, in the south from 4 to 7 degrees, said the Department for Analysis and Weather Forecast of the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute of BiH.

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