Orašje: 1800 Houses Damaged in Floods

poplave 31 800 houses are damaged in the area of municipality Orašje and the total damage is more than 80 Million BAM.

So far, about 95 % of operations are done in performing technical and physical cleaning and disinfection and the remained uncleaned parts refer to the houses of the owners who live abroad.

The Mayor of Municipality Orašje Đuro Topić said that is necessary to conduct as soon as possible the final list of housing and to establish priorities in order to submit it to donors for help because this local community can not repair the damages without assistance.

“Preparations for the donor conference are ongoing and soon are expected concrete means which will go in the re-balance of municipal account, from which a part of funds will be directed to assist the consequences of floods. This municipality will help everyone as much as it can”, said the Mayor Topić.

He added that in the next session of Municipal Council, which is planned for the middle of July, a decision will be made on criteria of distribution the assistance to the flood affected population.

(Source: Fena)

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