Orasje: Farmers to end the Blockade of Border Crossing?

farmers2Agricultural producers of Posavina Canton will end the protests and remove tractors from the Border Crossing Orasje as soon as the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Forestry of B&H forwards the payment order of money to the Treasury.

President of the Alliance of the associations of agricultural producers of Posavina Canton, Vidan Grgic, said that last night farmers reached an agreement with representatives of the Government of FB&H to get half of the money from the incentives for 2014.

He said that they made compromise with the Ministry of Agriculture, which asked them for understanding since the ministry does not have enough money to pay all debts to them.

Grgic emphasized that farmers from Posavina Canton will claim the debt from 2012 through the courts and that they have received strong guarantees from the Federal Government that plan for incentives will be done as soon as possible.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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