Orthodox, Catholics and Muslims built a Mosque near Travnik together

The mosque in the village of Dub near Travnik was officially opened three years ago before more than 10,000 visitors. What is specific with this mosque is that Muslims, Catholics, and Orthodox took part in its construction, and younger generations are thought respect, love and moral values in this mosque now.

Dub is one of the few villages in BiH where the number of residents is increasing and emigration does not exist at all. It is located on the slopes of Vlasic Mountain, and locals say that the best cheese is produced here. There are more than 230 households and 1,000 people prayed in a mosque that was built back in 1936.

“The old mosque served us well for more than 70 years, but we had a problem during the month of Ramadan when people would come to tarawih prayer and there would be no place for women. Therefore, women stopped coming in the mosque and we decided to make a new, bigger mosque, which would be able to receive all believers,” said Imam of Jamaat Dub of the Islamic Community, Esad Fusko.

They managed to build a new, bigger, and more functional mosque in just six months at the location of the old mosque, and new mosque now includes all the accompanying facilities.

Muslims, Orthodox and Catholic believers took part in its construction. Locals say that the mosque in Dub represents a real reflection of peace and mutual coexistence.

“Since our people worked all over BiH, they talked to people wherever they worked and after they said that the mosque is small and that local residents are make a new one from the scratch, many people decided to donate large amounts of money. We are very proud of the fact that members of other religions took part in the construction of this mosque. Orthodox believers from Brcko District, Catholics from the surrounding villages of Travnik and Herzegovina, all of them gave their contribution to this project and we are proud of that now,” said Fusko, and he also added that residents of Dub showed great solidarity during the construction of the Monastery in Guca Gora.

With the aim to motivate young people in the village of Dub, Fusko decided to share tablets, mobile phones and cash prizes to young people who were attending Islamic classes in mekteb (Islamic primary school). All of this was a reward for those who regularly performed their prayers, and the greatest joy for Fusko and all residents is that they are “creating” morally responsible people.

Fusko is hoping that a generation of good and morally responsible people will be left behind them in the future, and that they will do good to the other people and build their family and community.

(Source: E. M./Klix.ba)


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