Association Pomozi.ba and Startup Goody.ba organize joint Humanitarian Action

Smartphone application ”Goody.ba” is organizing a sister project “One Scratch – One meal” in collaboration with humanitarian organization “Pomozi.ba” and their activity “Meal for Everyone”, with which they will call on their users to give their contribution to raising awareness of solvable problems in our community.

The project “Meal for Everyone” is one of the largest and permanent projects of the humanitarian organization “Pomozi.ba”. More than 300 socially vulnerable people from Sarajevo, Ilijas, Breza, Vares, Kakanj, Visoko, and since November 2017 from Mostar, receive one meal per day on their home address within this project. Users of this project are mostly elderly and sick members of our society who can not go to the classic soup kitchens.

Application Goody.ba, which has been setting new standards in BH market since its beginning in December 2017, shows its philanthropic orientation and appeals to humanity, which seems to be forgotten in this time, and they decided to invite its users on a joint action with the aim of helping the most vulnerable members of our society.

Goody.ba has been giving valuable gifts from the very beginning, and now it is time to bring a meal on the table of those who are not able to use the app, which is the most precious gift that people are often taking for granted.

Around 13,000 users are using this application, and it is easy to count how many families would be satisfied with a single scratch. Goody.ba family will respond to this call for sure, and this campaign can be an indicator of how we can help an individual with a well-organized and well-informed action and how a startup can lead to an increase in social awareness and represent a positive impulse in our society.

Everyone who wants to make a contribution and help the most vulnerable categories of our society can call unique humanitarian number 17001 for larger telephone operators in BiH (BH Telecom, M: tel and Eronet) and thus donate 2 BAM or one meal per call.

If you still do not have Goody.ba app, you can download it from the AppStore and Google Play and give your contribution to this great humanitarian action.

Source: Sarajevo Times

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