OSCE Representative on Freedom of Media: Prosecution of Journalists in B&H Threatens Freedom of Expression

dunja_0Yesterday, a court upheld the criminal charge of one group of journalists against other journalists in B&H, which is extremely alarming and shameful, announced the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović yesterday.

‘’Without commenting on the contents of the program in question, the fact is that the Association of Journalists of the RS launched criminal proceedings against six journalists from Federal Television of B&H (FTV), severely disrupting that already fragile professional solidarity among journalists in B&H’’, said Dunja Mijatović.

‘’It is a fact that B&H is the first country in the region that decriminalized defamation in 1999, and it was a turning point in the reform of the media. What I see today is at odds with those standards and obligation that this country has as an OSCE member in terms of development and protection of press freedom and freedom of expression’’, said Mijatović.

“Such issues must be resolved with open dialogue that will lead to reconciliation’’, said Mijatović.

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