Palmer and Eichhorst postpone Arrival in Sarajevo until further Notice

United States (U.S.) Special Representative for the Election Law, Matthew Palmer, and European Union (EU) Representative, Angelina Eichhorst postponed their arrival in Sarajevo where they were supposed to continue negotiations on the Election Law.

This week, it was planned to continue negotiations on the reform of the Election Law, ie the final talks that were supposed to lead to a final agreement.

Unofficially, it was found out that Palmer and Eichhorst, due to the current political crisis caused by the adopted conclusions of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska (NARS), but also the announcements of some parties, will not continue negotiations, while their arrival in Sarajevo, ie continuation of negotiations on electoral reforms will be postponed.

Obviously, the mediator’s assessment of the real possibility of reaching a quick agreement was completely wrong. It is unclear whether and when negotiations will be continued.


Source: Klix.ba

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