Paragliding above Fojnica: Adrenaline at 2500 Meters above Sea Level (video)

“The feeling is really unspeakable. You cannot even imagine the adrenaline at 2500 meters above sea level,” said Jasmin Salčin while describing his flight over Fojnica, as part of the team of Extreme sports club from Sarajevo.

They began their flight from the Matorac Mountain above Fojnica at 1900 meters above sea level, and were reaching a height of 2500 meters above sea level, and finally landed in Fojnica.

In Fojnica, one needs to cross 16 km-long trip to Prokoško lake. It is located on Vranica mountain at altitude of 1,635 metres above sea level. Prokoško lake is 426 metres long and 191 m wide with maximum depth of 13 m.

With its alpine climate and picturesque landscape the lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since 2005 the lake is the natural monument and therefore protected with its fragile ecosystem.

Everybody is welcome to visit the lake with a remark to keep it clean and take everything one has brought there with himself/herself while leaving the place.

Several crystal clear mountain springs flow into this glacial lake.

Enjoy the fresh mountain air and take a walk around the lake and visit the village with its authentic Bosnian houses and the highest altitude mosque in Europe!

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