Parliament of FBiH discusses Federalization: The peoples in BiH cannot be Electoral Units

parliament-fbihOn the agenda of the special session of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of FBiH was the Resolution on condemning the initiative for federalization of the state and entities with the aim of ethnonational divisions and strengthening of tendencies that was proposed by the representative of SDP BiH, Damir Masic.

In his introductory speech, Masic said that what BiH needs is decentralization and regionalization, and not ethnic federalization at any cost. According to him, the peoples of BiH are not the holders of its sovereignty. BiH was not created as a decision of three nations but it is a historical state of all of its citizens and every citizen is the holder of its sovereignty.

“The ethnic rights cannot be above the rights of every citizen to be free and equal in the entire country. So, peoples in BiH cannot be electoral units. We cannot have blue, green, red, and probably white box in the elections, where everyone, depending on their ethnicity, will put their votes,” said Masic.

He noted that the Resolution was not aimed at answering to anyone’s unfulfilled dreams, desires and aspirations, and certainly not the ones of HNS, which are considered and treated as any other non-governmental organization in BiH.

He added that the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg declared this model of the ethnic division as opposed to all fundamental European values and that the judgment in the case of Sejdic and Finci, Pilav and Zornic, would take down the construct of discrimination of people on the basis of the territory in which they live.

Masic says that it is necessary to call things as they are and once and for all defeat the forces that are advocating division, national exclusivity and who want to ethnically clean the territory so that only one people will have everything they want, and all the others will either assimilate or move.

“What is attempted to be presented as federalism at this moment is the way of division of BiH into three parts. That’s why I offered this document – the Resolution in the Parliament as the highest legislative authority in the FBiH and the supreme representative body of all citizens in the FBiH to make it clear already at the beginning that there is no place for this kind of politics. In the situation in which we are as a country and society today, I believe that nobody has the luxury to ignore the widespread interference in the internal affairs of BiH, not only by our closest neighbors but from the outside as well,” concluded Masic.

(Source: Er. M./Klix.ba)


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