Parliament of FBIH supported the Initiative for Establishment of the Fund for Treatment of Rare Diseases

parliamentAt the session of the House of Representatives of the FBiH, an initiative by MP Bilsena Sahman (SBB), whose aim is to establish a fund for treatment abroad of patients from the FBiH that are suffering from rare diseases, was supported by a majority of votes.

In the explanation of this initiative, Sahman emphasized the need for treatment of children who are suffering from these diseases and noted that the initiated fund would be partially financed from the budget, and partly from donations. She also said that certain restructuring of the healthcare system needs to be done for the sake of this goal, together with the assessment of costs and possible sources of funding, which, according to her, should be done by the Government of FBiH or the Ministry of Healthcare.

Unlike initiative of Bilsena Sahman, the House of Representatives did not give the majority of votes to a different kind of initiative submitted by MP Nermin Niksic (Social Democratic Party) on the establishment of mechanisms for parliamentary supervision of the work of the Ministry of the Interior of FBiH and the Police Administration of FBiH. A total of 44 MP’s supported the initiative, which was not enough, while 8 of them were against and 19 abstained.

While submitting the initiative, Niksic said that in the Parliament of FBiH there is no Independent Committee as civil authority to supervise the operation of FMI and FUP for more than two years.

“Given the fact that the Independent Committee and the Board of Appeal do not exist, who is supervising the Police Administration of FBiH and its director? Does this mean that all the investigations that were carried out in recent years were illegal,” said MP Niksic, leader of the Social Democratic Party of BiH.

The House of Representatives did not support the initiative of MP Safet Keso (SDA), which is aimed at harmonization of the Constitution of FBiH with constitutions of cantons.

(Source: klix.ba)

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