Be Part of Humanitarian project and help BH Schoolchildren to get their Sandwiches

The association “Pomozi.ba” starts with the delivery of 1,017 sandwiches for children in schools all over BiH, and they invite all the donors to join this project. In the first semester, a total of 930 schoolchildren received their sandwiches, and now the project will include some new schools.

The price of sandwiches for one child is 10 BAM for the whole month, and you donate four sandwiches by calling 17002, or you can provide food for one child for the whole month with five calls.

“Including Canton Tuzla, that is, two schools in Zivinice, we reached the number of 1.017 sandwiches per day. We paid 0.70 BAM for a sandwich before, but we managed to find a distributor there who agreed to deliver sandwiches for a price of 0.50 BAM and therefore, we managed to include additional 80 children,” as stated from this association.

Sandwiches for about 600 children are paid with donor money and donation boxes at petrol stations, and the rest of the funds will be collected by calling 17002, on bazaars and boxes that are placed in numerous facilities.

For details on how to make a donation visit the following LINK.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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