Passengers to use Universal Single Ticket for both Carriers in Canton Sarajevo

The Sarajevo Canton Government, at the proposal of the Ministry of Transport, stated on Friday the decision obliging KJKP “GRAS” and “Centrotrans – Eurolines” to enable the passengers in Canton Sarajevo to use a universal single ticket for both carriers.

Also, the Government committed “GRAS” and “Centrotrans – Eurolines” in the shortest possible time, no later than May 1st, 2019 to fully comply with the provisions of the Interim Guidelines on the manner of determining and defining the tariff system in Canton Sarajevo.

The instruction issued by the Minister of Traffic in Canton Sarajevo Adnan Steta stipulates that the tickets will be used in accordance with the zones belonging to all the means of transport in the Canton of Sarajevo, and according to the type of line for which they are issued, hence, to be used by both carriers.

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