Peace March “Nezuk -Srebrenica 2014 ” Departed to Srebrenica

peace march 2More than 4.000 participants started the traditional walk, peace march “Nezuk – Srebrenica 2014”, which is organized within the program of marking the genocide over Bosniaks in Srebrenica and surroundings, to pay tribute to victims of genocide and to recall the horrific crimes of July 1995.

“We have passed the monument of Ejub Golić in Baljkovica, where is held a moment of history for this young generation that is with us”, said for Agency Fena, the Vice President of the subcommittee for organization of “Peace March” Muhizin Omerović.

He recalled that the Federal Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees of B&H and B&H Armed Forces supported this year’s event.

Ministry has provided logistics, while B&H Armed Forces has provided helicopters in case of accidents.

Omerović siad that “Peace march” toward Srebrenica follows the route: Nezuk – Baljkovica – Parlog – Crni Vrh – Snagovo – Liplje – Jošanica – Donja Kamenica – Bakrači – Glodi – Udrč – Cerska – Kaldrmica – Đugum – Mravinjci – Burnice – Kameničko Brdo – Ravni Buljim – Jaglići – Šušnjari – Budak – Potočari.

(Source: Fena)

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