Pećanac: Ministry of Internal Affairs will no more be the ”Ministry of Internal Problems”

The new Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo Suad Zeljković said that he will work for the first six month on the stabilization of the current state of crisis that is present in all segments, in economic, legal as well as in the executive segment. Prime Minister Zeljković also believes that by 2014 the ministry will be able to focus on the priorities of the urban area of Canton Sarajevo.

Zeljković also claims: ” As the administrative, cultural and political center of Bosnia and Herzegovina we cannot step aside from the world politics and the politics of the region. The fairness of the country cannot be built on 10% of the rich and 90% of people falling into poverty. In that sense I meant that we need to systematically eradicate corruption of all kinds”.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has two years to accomplish all the requirements needed to work as a fully functional country freed from corruption. On this note, Zeljković said that time is here a limiting factor but  to  fail to address the problems complicates the current state even further and that Bosnia and Herzegovina  has to go in that direction.

The new Minister of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo, Nermin Pećanac pointed out that he will work to build the authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and that it won’t be a Ministry of ”Internal Problems” anymore.

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