Pejanovic: Messages of Hatred towards Sarajevo should belong to the Past

12767729_1734276363475707_1220317183_nIndependence Day of BiH, the 1st of March, is celebrated on the day of 1992 when Bosnians vote in the referendum and voted for independent and sovereign BiH. On this occasion spoke the war member of the BH Presidency and university professor Mirko Pejanovic.

“This is a historic date for all citizens and peoples in BiH, since back then by referendum, therefore democratic, was decided that BiH will obtain the status of an independent and sovereign country and enter into a free democratic world of Europe as independent and sovereign,” said Pejanovic.

Pejanovic, who also works as a professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo, said that when thinking about the expectations, the expectations were fulfilled once the act of independence and sovereignty took place.

“Expectations were and remained for BiH to live in peace and to successfully develop in economic and democratic way, to be one of the prosperous countries in Europe. Unfortunately, BiH had no such luck, because after the referendum, it was imposed with the war,” added Pejanovic.

“Having in mind consequences of the war, BiH has risen in the reconstruction and development. It is not the rise that we want and that we should have, but the one that was possible in the context of historical circumstances,” stated Pejanovic.

These days, politicians from Republika Srpska commonly deny the Independence Day of BiH. Thus, member of BiH Presidency from Republika Srpska Mladen Ivanic said that “The 1st of March deeply irritates Serbian people in BiH”.

“Those who send a message of hate, who say that they hate Sarajevo, regardless of who did it this time, Dodik or someone else, should know that it belongs to the past. Those who spread hatred should be aware that they are spreading something that may turn into conflict one day,” concluded Pejanovic.

(Source: Er. M./Klix.ba)

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