Peljesac Bridge to be constructed at the Expense of BiH based on a Fake Document?

A contract with the contractors for the construction of the Peljesac Bridge has been signed yesterday in Dubrovnik. Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic attended the official signing of the Contract with contractors of the Peljesac Bridge and the Contract on professional supervision of the execution of works.

The Prime Minister of Croatia previously met with representatives of the consortium-community of bidders, which is led by President of the Management of China Road and Bridge Corporation, Lu Shan.

The value of works on the Peljesac Bridge was estimated at 2.081.608.270,72 HRK. The Peljesac Bridge represents the first of a total of four phases of the project “Road Connection with Southern Dalmatia”, for which was approved a total of 357 million EUR of loans or 85 % of acceptable costs by the European Commission in June 2017, as noted by the Government of Croatia.

“However, this is a bad news for BiH because the document of the Commission that proposes the height of the bridge on 55 meters was literally falsified. It is presented as a state document, and it is not because in the Article 5 of the document of the Commission was stated that it must be verified by the Council of Ministers of BiH, and as I recall, Mr. Denis Zvizdic stated that the Council of Ministers never verified it, which means that this is not a state document. Therefore, this is a false representation of a record of a commission as a state document, according to which BiH agreed with the height of a bridge of 55 meters,” noted Nesad Alikadic, the President of the Adriatic Sea Maritime Society.

Moreover, stated Alikadic, Croatia closed BiH and BiH is prevented from having an access to the open sea.

” Slovenians got a corridor to the open sea, and BH corridor is now cut off with a bridge. It is an injustice to BiH as well as a violation of international law of the sea. That bridge is bad for BiH, although it might be god for Croatia. In this case, they should have construct a tunnel that would not represent an obstacle or a problem to BiH, and it would be good for Croatia as well,” stated Alikadic.

He also believes that the introduction of the Chinese into the market of EU and the financing of the bridge with European money in favour of a Chinese company at the same time means violation and disturbance of geopolitical relations in the Adriatic Sea.

“I do not know what will be the final result of all of this, but I am sure that the European Commission accepted the false document of the Commission as a state document and thus violated European laws, i.e. violated the use of European funds. Therefore, the European Commission broke its own rules and laws since the documentation must not be false,” noted Alikadic.

He further emphasized that this represents a corrupt project and that this decision was adopted at the expense of BiH. Moreover, Alikadic added that the strangest thing of them all is that BH authorities, regardless of whether this refers to Prime Minister Zvizdic or all three members of the Presidency of BiH, are quiet, and at least some of them should act both verbally and literally in the EU.

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