People who preserved the Historical Archives in the War received Acknowledgments

Acknowledgments for the effort to rescue the archival material of the Historical Archive of Sarajevo in May and June 1992 were awarded to Tonci Grbelja, Marija Divcic, Muhamed Musa, Sejdalija Gusic, Jovan Malesic, Huso Hodzic and Adnan Sapcanin.

“It is a great pleasure to me that I can express my gratitude to these people for their contribution to the preservation of archival material on the occasion of 70thanniversary of successful work of this archive,” said the Director of the Historical Archive of Sarajevo, Fuad Ohranovic.

He also added that these winners preserved the Oriental Collection of Archives with more than 14,000 units, manuscripts that originate from the era of the Ottoman Empire from 1463 to 1878 and during the Austro-Hungarian rule, although to a smaller extent.

Therefore, it is one of the most important collections of oriental archival material in the area of Southeast Europe.

The resources of this archive are available to future researchers and scientists now thanks to devoted work of former employees, especially during the war.

“The Archives guards the history of Sarajevo and BiH and it is a witness of the existence of people and institutions for decades and centuries after they left or stopped working,” noted Ohranovic.

The official awarding ceremony of acknowledgments was held on June 9, the International Day of Archives, within the Archives Week, which will be ended today.


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