Two Water Factories worth 3 million BAM to be constructed in the RS?

The Government of the RS granted a concession for the exploitation of groundwater in Kozarska Dubica to the company “Studenac” from Gradiska, while the company “D&D” from Brod will do the same in the area of that local community.

The investment in Kozarska Dubica is estimated at two million BAM, while the one in Brod is estimated at one million BAM. The concession has been granted on a period of 30 years.

“The Ministry will prepare contracts in cooperation with the Commission for Concessions. These investments are important for the RS because we have large quantities of water imported from abroad, especially our neighbouring countries. New factories will contribute to new employments and filling the budget. Therefore, exploitation of water has a broad social importance in this area,” said Assistant Minister for Water Management, Cedomir Stojanovic.

Currently, there are only three water producers in the RS – “Vitinka” from Zvornik, “Voda Kruna” from Mrkonjic Grad and “Heven factory – Paradise water” from Cajnice. There are five more companies that were registered for the production of mineral water, but they never started operating.

According to the data of the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH, we imported 143.69 million BAM worth water last year, and the largest quantity came from the neighbouring countries. During the same period, BiH exported water in the amount of 49,46 million BAM.


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