Permanent Exhibition “Srebrenica Genocide” opened

srebrenica2The permanent exhibition “Srebrenica genocide – the failure of the international community”, i.e. the Museum at the Memorial Center Srebrenica โ€“ Potocari was opened yesterday.

This setting is part of a joint and continuous efforts to preserve the memory of the victims of genocide in Srebrenica and to send the message to the world once again that what happened in Srebrenica must never be repeated.

The design of the permanent exhibition was made by the Memorial Center Camp Westerbork in the Netherlands in cooperation with the Memorial Center Srebrenica – Potocari and Dutch peace organization PAX.

Chairman of the Board of the Memorial Center Potocari, Sadik Ahmetovic, thanked the Government of the Netherlands, which helped to open this setting. He said that this is not the final project of this center and that they will continue the implementation of projects on the events that took place during 1995.

The setting was set in a renovated building of the former command of the Dutch battalion of UNPROFOR and it belongs to a broader program funded by the Dutch Embassy in BiH.

“The exhibition tells the story of the genocide and the prisoners who were held here, and more than 2,000 of them are still missing. I would like to thank the individuals from the battalion who participated in making the exhibition. I want to conclude addressing promise that this exhibition is not the end of the Srebrenica and we will continue talks in the Netherlands and work with the Memorial Center Potocari. Wherever it is possible we will provide contact of surviving soldiers and the victims,” said the Director of Camp Westerbork Dirk Mulder.

In the lobby of the museum, which was opened yesterday at the Memorial Center, are exhibited photos that are classified into several categories which have never been published before, as well as videos and interviews with soldiers and witnesses.

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