Petrisch: BiH is led by Politicians who are unsuccessful in their Job, but are successful privately

Over the past 20 years, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has not made any progress in many segments, the same elite continues to lead the country and this is a great challenge for the people and the future of the country, emphasized Wolfgang Petritsch, former High Representative in BiH.

According to him, the same politicians who have done almost nothing good have ruled for years.

“All this time we have the same politicians who are unsuccessful in their work but are very successful in fulfilling their private agendas,” Petrisch stressed.

As he noted, the citizens must be more active and should ask the question “why the same people rule for 20-30 years”.

“We need democratization and decentralization of BiH, things must be set on the new foundations,” told Petrisch.

As one of the important things that should be changed, he mentioned the OHR, more precisely its closure.

“The time of the Office of the High Representative (OHR) passed many years ago, the office was supposed to be closed in 2006,” Petrisch pointed out.

As he said, if it is true that the new High Representative will be Schmidt, he should definitely be the last.

“BiH must not become a country of high representatives, but a European country,” said Petrisch, adding that the presence of the European Union (EU) in BiH should be strengthened.

He also spoke about the current “non-paper”, saying that he had done some research in Slovenia and Brussels, but that he had not been able to find out where the paper originated.

He added that the paper portrayed the same idea as Milosevic and Tudjman had, who wanted to divide BiH.

“Two formal enemies who cooperated in dividing this country. We rneed a generational change, because young people from BiH who come to Germany and Austria are really successful, ” Petric stated, BHRT writes.


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