Peumans: We hope that BiH will soon become the member of the EU

There is no good reason for the EU to stop its enlargement policy with Croatia, and we hope that BiH will soon become the member of the EU and so that its population can use all the benefits of peace and stability that the EU offers, said today at the solemn session of RS National Assembly in Banja Luka, president of Flemish Parliament Jan Peumans.

He noted that it will be possible only if the certain issues solve in BiH, and the functional coordination mechanism between entities and the state is one of the issues.

‘I came here on the invitation of your president of RS NA Igor Radojičić in order to explain how we, in Belgium solved the situation with controls and balances and how we have joint stances towards the EU despite our large differences. Maybe some elements of Belgian federalism could inspire you, or even help in solving your problems. I’d be very happy if my visit would contribute to that’, said Peumans in a speech in RS NA.

He added that any institution functions well only if both sides have the will to make a successful agreement and if one is ready to put in some effort to do so.

‘In Belgium, as well as in BIH, creators of politics will have to work on that hard and long and above all persistently’, said Peumans.

He talked about the upcoming accession of Croatia to the EU, noting that it will improve the relations between Belgium, especially, Flanders and Croatia.

‘Our investors will be able to make business with Croatia more easily. The accession of Croatia to the EU will lead to that that you’ll border with the EU. That offers plenty of possibilities, but, in order to grasp them you’ll have to adapt and to make an effort. It is in interest of all to make necessary steps, so that your citizens, and above all, your farmers, can use those possibilities to its maximum’, said Peumans.

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