Japanese Government donated 605 190 EUR for demining activities in Ravno

Japanese Government has given the grant of 605 190 EUR for the project ‘Support to demining activities in the framework of establishing international tourist corridor in Herzegovina.

The signing ceremony will be held tomorrow in the Embassy of Japan in Sarajevo, and the agreement will be signed by Japanese Ambassador Hideo Yamazaki and Head of Ravno Municipality Andrija Šimunović.

Ravno municipality is located between Mostar and Dubrovnik and it is very rich with cultural and historical heritage. However, great part of this municipality is mine infested which presents a huge obstacle to economic development and makes the life of its population hard, and so Japanese Government has decided to donate 605 190 EUR for demining of 595 000 m2 of area in Ravno.

The realization of this project is closely related to ‘Project of Establishing International Tourist Corridor and Environment Protected Zone in Herzegovina’ which is also financed by Japan as a part of the project of technical cooperation.

The goal of this project is to improve cooperation between municipalities in Herzegovina that will be included in the development of tourism via establishing the partnership between public and private sectors.

Focus was put on Herzegovina because of the large number tourists that come from Croatia and Montenegro.

Concerning the fact that Ravno is in this corridor, it is expected that these result will help development of the municipality.

In the aim of fulfilling the ‘life without mines’ as the primary condition for normal living environment and development of economy, since 1998 Japan has financed demining projects worth around 3 million EUR.

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