Orthodox Believers celebrate Easter Today


Orthodox believers celebrate Christ’s resurrection today  – the Orthodox Easter, greeting each other with the traditional greeting “The Christ is born”.

The editorial staff of the web portal Sarajevo Times congratulates this holiday to all its readers who celebrate this holiday, with a wish to celebrate it in peace, good health and atmosphere, and with a wish to share the joy of Easter with all people of goodwill.

Easter is the greatest Christian holiday that celebrates Christ’s return to life – the resurrection. According to Christianity, the resurrection occurred three days after Christ died, including the day of death, i.e. the first Sunday after the Holy Friday. This is a moving holiday celebrated after the Jewish Pasha on the first Sunday after the full moon, which falls on the very day of the spring equinox, or just after the spring equinox. Eastern Christians may celebrate Easter not before April 4, and not after May 5, and the Western Christians celebrate Easter between March 22 and April 25.

From a theological perspective, Easter is the most important Christian holiday, which expresses joy for the final victory of Christ over death and persecution.

Preparations for Easter differ from tradition to tradition. Traditionally, preparations begin on the Holy Thursday, the day of communion, and continue on the Holy Friday. Priests in Orthodox churches place the red shroud in front of the altar. Until Saturday night, believers have an opportunity to osculate the shroud (religiously-motivated kissing). Liturgies are not held on the Holy Friday, and it is the day of obligatory fasting, during which Christians do not consume fat regardless of its origin, and all housework is stopped.

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