Play ‘Ja, Mahalac’ on 6 June in Bosnian Cultural Centre Sarajevo

Ja-Mahalac-14-400x266On 6 June citizens of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to see once again a hit show called ‘Ja, Mahalac’ which will be shown in Bosnian Cultural Centre Sarajevo and the tickets are already sold out.

However, play ‘Ja, Mahalac’ will be shown on 17 and 27 June in Chamber Theatre 55, and on 28 June it will be shown in Bihać, and on 18 June in Mostar.

Director of the play is Mirela Trepanić, scene and costumes were done by Marijela Margeta Hašimbegović, and the organiser is Igor Drnda, while Indira Kučuk-Sorguč is the writer.

The play is both tragic and comic, and ‘mahalac’ (gossip-guy) sees life from both the aspect of a man and of a woman, and the theme of the play is male-female relations.



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