Play ‘Tartuffe’ on Thursday

tartufThis Thursday, on 6 June, citizens of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to once again see the play ‘Tartuffe’ which will be shown in Sarajevo National Theatre at 7.30 p.m.

The play is directed by Nermin Hamzagić who adapted it to everyday life of BiH.

‘Tartuffe’ is a comedy written by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere, and it talks about the hypocrite which under the cover of false piety enters the family and destroys it completely.

Cast : Ermin Sijamija (Tartuffe), Aleksandar Seksan (Orgon), Vedrana Seksan ( Elmire), Amra Kapidžić (Dorine), Mirvad Kurić (Cléante), Mediah Musliović (Madame Pernelle) , Merima Lepić (Mariane), Emir Z. Kapetanović (Valère) and Aldin Omerović (Damis).


(photo: nps)

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