Poetry night with Seida Beganović

At the City Library in Zenica, a poetry night was held with the poetess Seida Beganović. Željko Grahovac, Nedžad Fejzić, Bojan Bogdanović and Seida Beganović have participated in the program of this poetry night. Grahovac had the honor to open the poetry night by reading Seida’s poems. After reading, Grahovac also offered his own interpretation and critical review of the poems in the collection of poems entitled ” Graničnici”.

At last night’s promotion, professor Nedžad Fejzić commented the collection of poems in a very different way, and gave his contribution to  the poetry night by describing this book as a collection of honest, love poems.

” This kind of poetry is priceless because it does not lie, and it does not lies because the language of the body has become the body of language.”- concluded Fejzić.

All visitors at the poetry night had enjoyed the poetic evening, and all of them had the opportunity to buy this book by Seida Beganović.

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